Monday, February 15, 2010

Tubes Anyone???

P1010891  Well, our little man has had one long ear infection since November 20th. I remember how sad I was when we found out he had an ear infection because I knew he must be in pain. I was quickly relieved when the doctor gave us antibiotics to kill the bacteria and heal baby Michael's ears. I was wrong. I finished his medicine on Thursday, then Sunday night (Monday morning), he spiked a fever and off to the doctor we go. Sure enough, ear  infection in both ears! Round two of antibiotics. Round three, Round four, Round five of Rocephen shots and then Round six. Nope, still fluid in his ears. I think the RSV flare up in the middle of all of this didn't help his ear issues. So, we met with an ENT doctor - don't ask me what his real title is, it is way too long to spell - sure enough he had fluid and red ear drums. I told the doctor I was ready for tubes because we were getting to that critical age where Michael develops his language skills and I did not want a delay in his speech. Plus, how sad is it that Michael had been living in a world where everything he heard sounded like it was under water?! So Dr. Moss scheduled the surgery for February 4th at 7:30 am. P1010890

So the day came, we got up around 3:30am and headed out the door around 5:00am. Derin and I were so nervous. I just knew Michael was going to throw a fit because I wasn't allowed to feed him until after the surgery. But, he did just fine, playing with toys and then sleeping on the way to the hospital.

P1010895We met with Dr. Moss and the anesthesiologist before the surgery so they could answer all of our questions. They were very sweet and patient with us, I think they could tell how scared I was. Then a sweet nurse carried my little boy out of the pre-op room. I cried and then about ten minutes later, they came and told us he was ready! While watching him wake up from the anesthesia was incredibly difficult (babies don't do very well with anesthesia), I am so glad we had the tubes put in. Different baby!!! He talks so much more now and just laughs constantly. He doesn't cry when we lay him down because he doesn't have that pressure in his head anymore. Thank God for modern medicine! So, if you have a child and the doctor recommends tubes, DO IT! If your doctor is dragging their feet and you have been through rounds of antibiotics, find another doctor! Your child's language skills are critical to their development; trust your gut.

So here is to a life without ear infections and antibiotics!!!

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  1. Such a brave little man! Glad everything is helping life be a little more pain free for you guys!