Thursday, January 28, 2010

Seventh Months Old


P1010970It is hard to believe that seventh months ago we welcomed you into this world. Next thing I know you will be one year old little boy! Where does the time go? You are getting stronger everyday and I don't just mean physically. You are a strong willed little man! We were sitting in church on Sunday and you were in between Daddy and I. You were playing with a toy and I put my hand on it to make sure it wouldn't make any noise. You proceeded to look at me, grab my hand and put it back in my lap. It was like you were saying, MINE! We have had a good time this month with minimal trips to the doctor. So here are all the wonderful things going on in the life of baby Michael:

1. You can sit up all by yourself!


2. You have this new mischievous grin where you lower your chin and stick out your tongue .  

3. You fit nicely in your new high chair (Thanks G.G.!)P1010962P1010958

4. You still HATE carrotsP1010963

5. You watched UT play for the national championship and you wore your cute little jersey from MamaLu and UT shoes. (Uncle Brooks bought those shoes 7 years ago!) P1010942P1010943P1010946P1010945   

5. Your favorite toy is Mommy's Blackberry

P1010977 P1010978

6. You have become friends with Kaya


7. You now understand how to wrap your arms around us and give us hugs. Let me tell you it just melts my heart!

8. You reach for Mommy to pick you up!

9. You sit up in your stroller like a big boy and you like to take walks in the park or on the golf course

10. Every once in a while when you are "talking" a dadadada slips out! Soon enough you will be saying Dada!

11. You love your sippy cup of juice! You just automatically picked it up and put it in your mouth. (just like everything else within reach) But you actually know how to drink your juice out of it!

P1010953 P1010954

12. You now have to be constantly watched because you grab EVERYTHING you can get your hands on!

13. You won't lie on your tummy so we can work on crawling with you. In fact, when P1010973Ms. Dawnyae put pillows around you so you wouldn't roll to your back, you scooted your body past the pillows and rolled over. You are so clever! I had better get my rest now because when you walk I will never sit down!

14. You have outgrown your baby tub, you are just too long! So soon we will prepare to move you to the big bath tub, I just have to figure out how that will work!

P1010974So little man, you never cease to amaze me. I cherish every minute and truly understand that you are a gift from God and we are blessed to have received it. So for the moment you are seven months old but don't worry, I am already planning your 1 year old birthday party!


  1. My gosh - It is amazing to see how much he is filling out. Those cheeks and that belly is TOO precious! And who can resist those big eyes! So handsome!

  2. SO SWEET!!! So precious!!! We miss him...and y'all!!! :) Love you! ... ANd, I PROMISE you're going to have a package in the mail VERY soon! :)

  3. PawPaw really misses his Michael Dean Machine! These pictures sometimes help... but sometimes make it worse!