Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas 2009

I LOVE Christmas but this year was so much better with Michael.  He turned 6 months old on the 22nd so instead of our usual cake or cupcakes, he ate a gingerbread cookie for his half birthday.  It was the first time he got to join in the festivities and I must say, he truly enjoyed it!Christmas in Seguin 001

Christmas in Seguin 006We had just moved into our new house so on December 23rd Derin and I went to buy a tree. Well they were out of real trees everywhere so we bought a fake one with the idea that next year we could put it on the porch or something. Well, once we got the tree set up we began to realize that it is SO much easier than the real trees and it was very pretty! On Christmas Eve morning when I walked Michael into the living room, his eyes got so big! There was a tree in the house!

Christmas in Seguin 013Christmas in Seguin 015

We went to the Methodist Church with Derin's family for Christmas Eve. It was so beautiful and Michael looked so cute! He was so good during the service and kept rubbing his eyes because he was sleepy but there was just too much going on and so much to look at! He finally gave in and fell asleep while we were singing the First Noel. When we got home we sorted through some boxes and found a lot of our tree decorations. We didn't put all of our decorations on the tree this year, just enough for Michael to play with. Next year I think the bottom of my tree will be bare ;).

Christmas in Seguin 008Christmas in Seguin 010 Christmas in Seguin 012

Christmas morning was fabulous! We didn't get up until clo se to 8am and went in the living room to find our traditional homemade Christmas morning cinnamon rolls warm and ready to eat! Nana and PawPaw had already been up and had breakfast and coffee (thank goodness) ready! We gave Michael a taste of the icing and he just loved it! So with the video camera in hand we opened presents and relaxed. It was so sweet. Michael seemed to love the paper and ribbons more than anything else but once we put those away and showed him the toys he gave them his stamp of approval but putting it in his mouth.Christmas in Seguin 034

Christmas in Seguin 007Christmas in Seguin 025Christmas in Seguin 036Christmas in Seguin 045

Uncle Sammy and Aunt Karen invited us to their house for Christmas lunch and it was very yummy. I am so glad we live close and can visit with our family. Michael enjoyed a few bites of mashed potatoes but finally took his nap after we finished eating. Christmas night, I read Michael the book "The Spirit of Christmas", something I plan to do with him every year.

Christmas in Seguin 049Christmas in Seguin 052Christmas in Seguin 058

The next morning MamaLu, Cliff and GG came in for Christmas part deaux. It seemed that every  time Michael woke up it was time to open presents. It was a fabulous end to a crazy week.

I think my favorite Christmas present was Michael. He is all that Derin and I wanted beneath our tree! Afterall, Christmas did begin with a child.

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