Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas List 2009

So it is time for Michael's first Christmas list! I know he probably won't remember this Christmas but I will never forget this feeling. I am so much more excited about it this year. Not only will I get time off with my beautiful son, but I just want to give him so many things! He has such a personality now and I just want to give him the world! Anyway, maybe next year Michael can make his own list for Santa. Right now I know he will just be happy with the lights on the tree. Regardless, family has been asking so here is a visual list of what baby Michael wants (and actually needs) for Christmas!

Warmer clothes and shoes for 6 months and 6-9 months. These are all too cute, they are from Old Navy. Our favorite place to shop for him is Old Navy and Gap. Too cute, he looks like a little man now with pants and everything. No more little white onesies and socks! He also needs warm sleepers that have little footies.

I LOVE these PraiseBaby CDs and DVDs. Michael LOVES music and will just stare at me while I sing to him. It is actually the only thing that will get him to sit still. :) These are just so sweet.

Of course we have some Baby Einstein toys on the list. I have other things for him, but seriously EVERYTHING that is from Baby Einstein he loves! Remember that any toys you get him can't be smaller than a toilet paper roll!

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