Tuesday, October 20, 2009

School Days

The first day I took Michael to daycare - now I call it school, was a bit hard for me so I did not take any pictures. However, now he smiles when he sees his teachers and seems to have a really good time with all of the other babies. He has four teachers: Judy, Dawnyae, Heather and Tara. They are all so precious and have the sweetest job in the world. All the babies are so cute in there. I told them I would love to have their jobs, but I can only imagine how hard it really is. Prodigy Learning Center is a GREAT place to take your baby. They truly love children there and Michael is thriving. They finger painted one day even though Michael was a bit fussy about that and when the weather is beautiful they go outside, something Michael LOVES. He is always so content when I pick him up in the afternoons. It really is a blessing to have found a place that will keep my baby safe and happy. Thank you ladies for all that you do for our little ones, you are truly appreciated! Getting ready for school begins the night before when Michael takes his bath around 7pm. I get up around 4:30am and get ready and then wake him up, that's right I have to wake him up, around 5:30am. I sing his morning songs while I'm getting him dressed for school. After breakfast and a quick burp it is off to school. Michael talks to his hand or his duck for about 10 minutes and then he is fast asleep for the rest of the ride. When we arrive, Judy greets us and Michael will usually smile at her and then I'm off to work. In the afternoons, Dawnyae or Tara will tell me about his day and say their goodbyes. He has really gotten into a routine and sometimes will just talk the whole way home about his day. I can't wait until he can really tell me everything he did in school, but for now I will adore the cute noises he makes as he chatters on.

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