Friday, October 16, 2009


One of my favorite things in nature is the butterfly. I love the variety of colors and shapes. I love how they fly from flower to flower and occassionally land on a lucky passerby. Yesterday on my commute home the sky was getting dark but it wasn't because the sun was going down. I then realized that everyone was driving so slowly. I thought surely there must have been a wreck or something. However, to my delight the "cloud" was a mass amount of Snout Butterflies! They were so beautiful just flying around landing on flowers. Everyone slowed down as if not to disturb their flight. I found out later that all of the rain we had wiped out the parasite that normally eats the Snout Butterfly. So we were blessed to see them in record numbers all over central Texas. As we were driving, my FAVORITE song came on the radio, Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole. It was magical. It was as if no one else was around, just this beautiful song the butterflies and my precious baby boy. I felt blessed to be a part of their journey to warmer climates. It also reminded me that no matter how much is going on or how tired we get, there is beauty everywhere and sometimes we need to just slow down and take it in. So enjoy your Friday and take a moment to see the beauty in something today.
P.S. If you don't know the song, scroll down to my playlist and have a listen

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