Sunday, October 4, 2009

Friday Night Lights

On Friday night Michael, Derin, Nana and I packed up and headed to Canyon's football game. It was our Homecoming game. It was so much fun. All the CHS babies were there! It was the first time the cheerleaders got to see Michael in person. Kelsey of course was the first to hold him. Don't they look adorable? I walked around with a bottle of hand sanitizer and made anyone that held him put some on. I know I need to relax but this is flu season and Michael can't get his flu shot until December! Anyway, Michael enjoyed the ladies and one time the football rolled over in our direction and he watched it bounce! I can't believe how he is following things with his eyes like that! The night ended as all the babies fell asleep in their mommies arms. All the babies except Michael. As you can see he was wide awake and enjoying the view! He loved the lights and the band and of course all the girls :). He got to see baby Tatum and Marissa. I can't believe how old Tatum is, I remember her in her mommie's belly! Time truly flies too quickly! The night was perfect, topped off with a Cougar victory over San Marcos!

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