Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Three Months Old

Well it is really here, Michael is three months old. SOOO hard to believe! We got up yesterday and like every morning, Michael and I snuggled for a while. We ate breakfast and then two physical therapists came by to check up on Michael's progress. At his two month check up our doctor said he had a flat spot on his head so she had us call the pt to come and check him out. Well guess what, he is perfect and his head is perfectly normal. They were here for about an hour and tested him in three other areas. For his communication skills he tested on age level, for his physical motor skills, he tested on level but for his social skills he tested at four months. He is so advanced :). I guess he takes after his mommy!Then we watched Dancing with the Stars. Michael has no idea what he is watching but the movement seemed interesting. We ran to the store and then off to meet our realtor. We found a house and made an offer. Michael didn't seem too impressed but he did love the gorgeous 60 degree weather!!! I dressed him in the sweetest outfit from Nana and PawPaw, again cute little jeans and this cute little thermal shirt. Can I use the word cute for a boy? Anyway, I couldn't resist taking a picture of him and of course you can see Kaya wasn't far behind. Wherever I am with the baby, there she is too. Here are the pics from us on our property. We planted the trees we are standing by about 10 years ago! I can't believe how big they are! Well, it is still about 60 degrees outside so I think we will go out for a walk before the sun decides to come back out and heat things up!


  1. YEAH! I am glad he is socially advanced and 100% OK. That is great news and I can imagine you are excited. Are you guys just looking for another house or are yall moving to another city?

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! Look how big and sweet he is! And, of COURSE, SOOO smart! So proud of my sweet nephew! :) ...We absolutely HATED missing the sip and see! I'm so sorry we couldn't come! I sent you a LONG email about it to your msn, but I heard you havne't been getting those emails! Poo! ... Anyway, I'm going to call you later...I have a few things to talk to you about! :) Love ya!

  3. Hey girly! I'm so excited that you have a blog and I can keep in contact with you!

    Michael is SO adorable! I am so happy that I got to meet your son and husband. It was great getting to see you after all these years!

    I have a blog too, but I have been AWFUL about keeping up with it for the last several months. I guess you can still go check it out and look at the old pictures.

    I hope you have an easy adjustment returning to work! I start my new job on Monday. It should be interesting returning to work after almost 5 years. I'm really scared about leaving the kids!! I know they'll be okay though!

    Keep in touch. My e-mail is