Sunday, September 20, 2009

Michael's Debut

Thursday:What a weekend! On Thursday Derin, Michael and I set out for a trip to League City for his Sip-n-See party at Nana's house. It was crazy how long it took us to get there and back. You see, we just listed our house so we couldn't just run out on Thursday morning. Derin mowed and we had to make sure everything was picked up before we left. So despite the fact that we were up at 7 we didn't leave until around 11. By the way, the amount of things I pack for Michael was triple what I pack for Derin and I and stil forgot some things! So, we get on the road only to run a bunch of errands first. We finally made it to I-10 around 2:30, but the good news is, Derin and I got our flu shots! So you think okay, the trip should only last about three more hours right? Wrong, we hit traffic in Houston and of course we have to pull over to feed Michael twice. He is such a champ, he is used to nursing in the car for sure now! We pull in the League City around 6:15 and meet Mama Lu (or C.C Lu, not sure what Michael will say yet) and G.G for chinese food. It was the best dinner I have eaten in a long time! We LOVE good Chinese! Then off to Nana and PawPaw's for a bath and bedtime.

Friday: Friday (after sleeping for 6 hours :) began with Nana and PawPaw playtime. Michael loves his new play gym they bought him. Thank goodness to because he outgrew his other one! Around lunchtime we went to see Mama Lu at her office to meet her friends for Paninis. He was greeted by another little baby named Callie. Girls were all around, but more about that later. After a good nap with Mama Lu it was off to Derin's old job to meet his friends then back home for a nap and hamburgers!

Saturday: Michael went to sleep at 9pm on Friday night. It was wonderful to go to sleep that early! We got up and quickly got ready for the party. The house looked beautiful! Nana sure knows how to decorate for a party! Michael looked so cute in his jeans and long sleeve shirt. Of course despite the size I had to roll the sleeves and pants. He just looked like a little person. We had so much fun seeing all these people that have played such huge roles in our lives! The party was during Michael's naptime which didn't seem to bother him as he slept in people's arms. It was just such a joy to show Michael off to all the people that mean so much to us.
After the party we ate and headed to Hunstville to see the state park and off to Lake Conroe to check on our property. Michael ate, then we ate and then headed home. We were missing the Texas game and could barely get it on the radio. We made it to College Station before Michael wanted to eat again but luckily he soon fell asleep and stayed that way the whole way home. Sadly though we didn't make it home until close to midnight! Michael went straight to bed and so did we. What a great night's sleep! Michael slept until 4:30 and then cuddled with me the rest of the morning. I could have put him back in his crib but I have to go back to work next week so I don't think I will put him down this entire week!

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  1. What a great weekend! He looks so handsome in his little jeans! Did HE sleep for 6 hours?! That is amazing!!