Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Is Ballgame all one word? Well last night we finally had the chance to go and watch Derin play softball. We have been waiting because the weather has been so hot but thanks to a cool breeze it only felt like it was 99 degrees last night. Either way it was some fun time with Mama Lu, Aunt Lulu and Uncle Craig. While he had no idea what was going on, he sure did look cute in the baseball outfit Nana and PawPaw bought! I love the little baseball on the bottom!! While most of the women there went to watch their husbands play, Michael stole their attention. Of course, just look at that baby! Daddy won both games so afterwards we all went to DQ for blizzards! Any reason is a good reason for icecream right?


  1. His outfit is SUPER precious! I love it :)

  2. Hey BJP! This is Jenny Drenth (Coleman). I found you through your brother and sister-in-law's blog! Congrats on your beautiful boy! He's precious! I'd love to keep up with you if you don't mind! You can see what's going on in my world at www.team-coleman.blogspot.com Hope all is well!