Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One Month Old - A Month Ago

Well, Michael will be two months old this weekend but I am just now posting pictures from his one month birthday. We went shopping and searching for a big box of diapers. What a day. Needless to say he wasn't quite awake the whole day and he slept through his cake but I will always remember his first shopping trip. I was nervous about people being around him and sneezing etc. I worried about him getting too hot or being too cold in the stores and then I was trying to wake him up so he would eat. I wonder if I will ever calm down? He is much stronger than I think, I have to remember you won't break the baby! So enjoy his one month pics and this weekend we can see his two month pics. He has grown, I don't know where his gets his long torso from, maybe he will be tall!

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