Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Michael's First Week

Well, I know he is already 5 weeks old but here is what we did his first week of life. Of course we had to go see his doctor to find out just how perfect he really is. She is so sweet and I am happy to know that she will be taking care of him for years to come. Then of course we went back home. For the most part Michael's days consist of sleeping and eating and then sometimes sitting in his chair with his eyes wide open. It seems that the more I try to have a schedule the more I realize that he just isn't into planning things right now. So much for my "to do" list. Right now it consists of trying to sleep when he decides to sleep and hoping that I can cook dinner before 8pm.
My mother was here for a week after Michael was born and I have to say that she was amazing. What a selfless person! She cooked and picked up and when Michael wanted to stay awake at 3 am, she lovingly took him and snuggled with him on the couch or in the rocker. Ah, the bliss of three hours of sleep IN A ROW!!
Add ImageBefore Momma left we took pictures to commemorate Michael's first week. What a miracle! I cannot begin to explain how sweet life is even if you never sleep again!


  1. Hey Boogie - It's Kristin! I was thinking about you and did a google search and found your (this) blog! You and Derin look so happy, and Michael is beautiful. I am so delighted for the three of you. Obviously, you are very busy. If you get a chance, send me an email so I can get in contact with you! love and miss you tons, Kris (

  2. Bethanie - Such sweet pictures. Michael is sooo beautiful. I'm so happy for you & Derin. The only thing is, when did you grow up? Aren't you still 10? That's what I remember! Hi to your mom & dad. I'll be checking your blog to watch your sweet baby grow. Take care.