Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Eleven Months Old

How is it possible that this sweet bundle of joy is one month away from one year old? I am amazed daily about how much love there is in my heart for my sweet baby boy Austin. So little love, what are you up to now?

  • You are finally pulling up on everything and trying to walk.  I have to admit you are a bit lazy and love to be picked up.  Ava and Michael are just too fast for you and it frustrates you to no end.  Get up and walk baby and then you can keep up! (although honestly, I'm not sure I'm ready for that).
  • You are my happy eater, my word can you eat.  You cry when the food is all gone but I know I couldn't possibly feed you anymore! I haven't fed you anything that you don't like.  Honestly, you eat it all!
  • You have started to babble and talk and it is so cute to hear you play.
  • You love Michael's train table and you constatnly pull his trains off.  I think you know this frustrates him but you do it anyway.
  • You protest very earnestly if you don't get your way.  I was worried that being my last baby you might not stand up for yourself but I think you'll be just fine.
  • You still only have four teeth, but that doesn't stop you from enjoying any food that I can give you.  Your favorites are eggs, biscuits, lasagna, pancakes, blueberry waffles, peas, sweet potatoes, potatoes, strawberries, bananas, avocados, cheese, turkey, hamburgers, grilled chicken ... and on and on.

Well my sweet love, you are my last little baby and you have grown up too fast.  I do believe that you are an amazing gift from God and I am thrilled at how much you love your brother and sister.  I will enjoy this next month becuase I know that all too soon, you will be walking and talking and eventually running.  I love you sweet baby Austin.

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