Sunday, December 2, 2012

This past week, we had the pleasure of visiting with Mimi.  It was her first time meeting Austin and it had been a while since she saw Michael and Ava.  It was so great to visit and I know that Michael had the most fun with Baylon.  He LOVED walking the sweet little puppy on his leash, he kept telling us he was "helping".  Poor Baylon, Michael pulled him everywhere and every chance Baylon got, he would dash off and escape to Mimi.

Ava chatted with Mimi endlessly on two "phones" that weren't really phones at all.  They were pieces of cardboard that came from my new Christmas decorations that Mom bought me at the Nutcracker Market. Oh, what it would be like to "make believe" again.
It was a great day and one that will not soon be forgotten.  We love you Mimi and hope to see you again soon.

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