Sunday, November 11, 2012


Well Halloween was pretty fun this year.  Michael finally understood how to get candy from people, although he wouldn't say trick or treat, instead he would ask "May I have some candy please?" and then flash a big smile.  Let me tell you, he got lots of candy.  Ava on the other hand just wanted to run and I mean run around and swish her dress. If she did manage to get candy, she proceeded to eat through the wrapper to taste it.  She was a handful and because she didnt' want to stay with us, we actually called it a night a bit early.  I have no idea where her stubborness comes from :).  And of course my little Austin just slept the entire night.  He sure looked cute doing it though.

This year, Michael dressed up like Woody from Toy Story.  He has really started to love those movies.  I thought surely he would want to be Buzz Lightyear because he is constantly jumping off of his bed screaming "To infinity and beyond!", well actually he pronounces it "indenity", but no Buzz this year.  My darling priss pot Ava was a lady bug, complete with glittery wings and shoes.  Let me tell you, when she knows she looks cute, she flaunts it.  And Austin wore Michael's Yoda costume.  Of course Michael was four months old when he wore it and here my two month old Austin could barely fit in it!

It was a fun and exhausting night but totally worth every second.  The next morning Michael asked if we were going to get more candy again and I was thankful that I could tell him that Halloween is only once a year!

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