Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

 CookiesApricot BarsDessertsThanksgiving this year was a fabulous holiday.  It was a bit more difficult traveling with two children now, but nonetheless, we made it to San Angelo.  Every year the Poe family gathers in west Texas for Thanksgiving dinner.  We used to eat at Charlsie’s house but now we meet at Mimi’s.  Our family is continually expanding, to include our new babies, Buddy’s family the Halls, the Broyles, my sweet Bitt Bitt’s parents and even Aunt Karen’s parents.  Family 3 Family 2Derin and Michael Derin Derin and AvaMe and Ava Gary and Kay Rita MattMichael 4Mimi and BuddyusNash and QuinnMichael 3Because of our ever expanding crew, we had to rent out a place to host our dinner.  It was beautiful and right on the water.  Mimi bought a fabulous bouncy house for the kids and let me tell you it was the hit of the day. Michael, Quinn, Nash, Brenna, Madison and Presley had such a good time! Mimi’s decorations were beautiful and the food was of course amazing.  I was so busy visiting and playing with the kids, I didn’t even get a piece of pie! But as long as Michael got one of Aunt Glenda’s turkey cookies, everything was okay!Bouncy House Bouncy 4 Bouncy 5 Bouncy 6 Bouncy 7Bouncy 2 Me and Michael Dad and Boys Ava and NashNash  Nana and BabiesNana and MichaelSoon, it was time to head back to Mimi’s and get ready for bed.  By the time Glenda finished cleaning the kitchen, everyone wanted round two of dinner.  Seems about right though doesn’t it?  We settled in to watch the University of Texas beat Texas A&M in their last game…at least for a while anyway.Ava and Michael Michael and Nash Ava and Matt BrennaDad and babiesFriday, we headed home with two very sleepy babies.  Michael fell asleep in the car and Derin put him in his bed around 6pm.  Michael slept in the same position until 8:15 Saturday morning.  Playing with his cousins was definitely exhausting, but well worth it.  I truly enjoyed seeing my family and feel that our visit was just too short.  Being around everyone made me realize just how much I miss them and also how thankful I am to have them in my life. Glenda and Nash Karen and BrennaMichael on slide Michael at parkPawPaw and Michael

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