Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Darling Daughter


She is here! Ava Elisabeth DePalermo was born on Friday April 22nd at 2:24 am. It was an exciting delivery and we could not be happier! Once again it was an interesting delivery but thank goodness I got an epidural this time! So here is how my sweet little girl made her entrance. IMG_6815

On Thursday morning I felt like I was going into labor. I called my doctor and she said to come in. I went to work to make sure everything was set up because Thursday was supposed to be my last day before I went on disability. My doctor put me on disability because she said I was at risk for early labor (just like with Michael) and she didn’t want my water breaking at school. She said she wanted to make sure I made it to the hospital within an hour of my water breaking, should that happen. Anyway, I was excited because I thought I would have a few days off and time to rest and play with Michael. Ava had other plans.IMG_6827 IMG_6821 IMG_6844 IMG_6842

I made it to the doctor around lunch time and she said that while delivery would be soon, she didn’t think I would deliver that weekend. After checking me, she decided to send me home and so off we went. We got home and started cleaning everything, outside and in. By dinner time I was having horrible back pains but I knew it was because the way Ava was facing, “sunny side up”. We got Michael in bed, and settled down to watch some TV together. All of a sudden, I felt Ava kick me really hard and then pop! my water broke! I couldn’t believe it! Honestly I was actually more scared this time than with Michael because I knew how painful it would be if I didn’t make it in time for an epidural. IMG_6796

IMG_6850IMG_6851 I called the labor line and found out that my doctor was not on call. It totally freaked me out but what can you do? We called Diane to see if she could meet us at the hospital and she just happened to be in town with some friends so she was able to follow us all the way there. We arrived, got settled in and then, in walks Dr. Carter! She was finishing an induction and said as she was leaving she saw my name on the board. She said she wanted to stay and deliver my baby! Tell me that is not God’s hand! Diane in town so she can take Michael and my doctor at the hospital when I get there!IMG_6863IMG_6856IMG_6905IMG_6888IMG_6868So, a quick five hour labor and Ava Elisabeth was born. Here are her stats: 4/22/11, 6 lbs, 3 oz and 18.5 inches long 2:24 am. Michael was born 6/22/11, 6lbs, 4 oz and 19 inches long. They are exactly 22 months apart and both born three weeks early. Crazy! IMG_6884Baby Ava Elisabeth DePalermo 094IMG_6925

Everyone made it in time to see me before she was born and then welcome her once she arrived. She is an amazingly beautiful baby and I am constantly reminded how blessed I am to have such sweet babies. Trust me, I do not take any of this for granted!

I was hoping to post my baby shower pics but Ava came unexpectedly so they will be up soon. More to come on our sweet addition and how much her big brother Michael loves her!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS Bethanie! Ava is stunning and I cannot believe how big Michael is getting!!! Yall all look completely wonderful - Congrats xx