Sunday, March 29, 2009

Better Late Than Never!

Well, I have resisted blogging or any other kind of posting, even deleting my myspace account. However, the closer we get to actually having our little boy, the more I feel the need to show the entire world! I get it now, I really do. My loving sister-in-law Brittney set up the account for me and even added pictures of my first baby shower. Thanks Brittney, I will need you to help me make the page all that it can be! So here is my first post, just a bit out of order.

From the first pictures on you can see that I am pregnant. Derin and I are expecting our first baby, Michael Dean DePalermo. He is due July 7, but who knows! Lately I have been thinking about how we found out. Funny thing is, I just knew. Remember how you "knew" you were going to marry the person you fell in love with? It was just different somehow, maybe more peaceful. I had thought we might be pregnant, or maybe just hoped we were but after the test said no, I guess deep down I already knew we weren't. However the week of Halloween was somehow different.

I had hoped we would be pregnant so that we could have our baby in the summer. My plan was pregnant by September, but well, I am learning that you just can't plan this kind of thing. Halloween week was crazy at work with all of the activities and our huge Thriller Pep Rally. Practices at night, dress rehersals, I was tired, oh and late. Thing is, I didn't tell anyone. Somehow I felt that speaking it out loud would somehow change things. I remember sitting in the cheer office eating dinner with Derin before the football game. Yep, nothing but high class romance for us! I wanted to tell him that I thought I might be pregnant but I stopped myself. I didn't think I was, I "knew" I was. Just like I knew I would marry Derin. For some reason I wanted to keep it to myself. Little did I know, Derin felt the same way. Communication in a marriage..hum just a thought. Anyway, I was sitting on the sidelines of the football game and I just didn't care about anything else around me. I just kept thinking that I was going to have a baby. So, the next morning November 1st, I lept out of bed and ran to the bathroom. I couldn't wait any longer. I took the test and crossed my fingers. I didn't even set it down, I just watched the little hour glass icon blink on the screen. I kept saying please be pregnant, please be pregnant. IT WAS! There is was in plain text, pregnant. I ran out of the bathroom and flipped on the lights, poor Derin it was still dark outside! I kept telling him to get up and he jumped out of bed to see if I was sick or something. I yelled out "We're Pregnant!!" and he just sat there. Bless his heart, not exactly awake yet. I grabbed his glasses and showed him the test. We both just sat there stunned and excited. Weird, I was speechless. I cried and he laughed and then just to be sure I took two more tests. Yep, it was official.

We called family asap because well, I'm not very good at secrets and here we are. Six and a half months pregnant, waiting on our baby boy. What a miracle. Sometimes I just sit there and think about how lucky we are. He is doing very well and is VERY active. Little guy sometimes I feel like he is playing soccer in there. That is all for now. Here are the pics we have of our little one. I will take some of the nursery soon. That is a WHOLE different story.


  1. YAY for your first post!!!! We'll have to make your blog "pretty" very soon! I am so excited that you have a place to brag about your little man and we, obvioulsy, can't wait to meet him! We love him already!...And, we obviously love you lots! :)

  2. Congrats! You look just precious pregnant. Enjoy every last moment!